12-06-2011            Jack de Romajeda Best Junior and BOB at Lommel

25-04-2011            Attila 1Ex in Leeuwarden

27-03-2011            Adeline, Attila and Iris Ex. in Luxemburg

15-03-2011                Iris Hd-A1 and Ed 0-0

06-02-2011              Adeline Dutch Junior Champion

18-01-2011             Litter of Hanne is born

16-01-2011             Adeline 1Ex in Genk

                               Attila 2Ex en Hutch Ex

20-12-2010            Hanne pregnant

13-12-2010            Adeline 1Ex en resCAC in Wijchen

                               Attila 3Ex

18-11-2010             Hanne mated Gabber de Romajeda

24-10-2010            Jack 1VP and best baby (Utrecht)

                                Adeline 1Ex junior class (Utrecht)

                                Atilla 3Ex junior class (Utrecht)

21-10-2010             Faith expecting puppies from Hutch

11-05-2014         Litter from Haily and Rocky born

08-06-2013         Jack R.CAC and Aliska Best Baby at Lommel

07-06-2013         Litter Heidy born  5 females

29-05-2013         Litter Iris born   2 males and 2 females

18-05-2013         Jack 4Ex and Angel 2Ex at Arnhem

06-05-2013         Heidy and Rocky are going to have puppies

29-04-2013         Iris ecpecting puppies from Attila

21-04-2013         Litter Haily and Jack born

25-03-2013         Haily expecting a litter from Jack around 24-4

24-03-2013         Kendra Hd-A1 en Ed 0-0

13-01-2013         Adeline has puppies from Hutch  

13-11-2012         litter of Faith and Attila is born

01-11 2012         litter of Heidy and Rocky is born

28-5-2012          litter of Haily and Rocky is born

26-09-2010            Attila 4Ex en Adeline 3VG in Maastricht junior class